Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental





Established with the realisation that Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental obligations for both organisations and individuals are increasing year on year, was formed to create one location accessible to all from larger organisations through to sole traders that HSQE requirements could be catered for in a cost effective and efficient manner. Ranging from the entire outsourcing of the HSQE role on a project through to the once of piece of documentation, aims to assist you and your organisation in not only fulfilling your legislative requirements but also taking the lead in creating better, safer and more environmentally friendly work processes. Realising our clients’ needs and expectations to raise HSQE standards is dependent on their staff aim to provide a service that can influence individual’s day today decision making to ensure work processes are improved on a consistent basis.

Concerned with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: 2015 Transitioning?
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What do we do?

We provide clients with the unique opportunity to ensure the cost commitment of maximising their continuous improvement in Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental are minimised by providing the best access to countless experts through one point of contact ensuring consultants fees are minimised.

We provide services including but not limited to:


Quality Consultancy

Ranging from information on ISO standards to Quality checks.


Legislative Consultancy

At we ensure a client’s compliance by first examining all management documents such as safety and environmental documentation, accidents reports, safety training records, and the fire register.

Planning Consultation

Our aim at is to anticipate as much as possible potential troubles in advance thus being able to avoid negative outcomes for our clients.

Process Design and Consultation

With a combined experience of 20+ years working with these organisations across 3 different continents, aim to impart their knowledge to allow organisations compete for a share in this ever-growing market.

Training Courses

Training courses as basic as manual hand through to train the trainer courses.

HSQE Project Management

Both through ongoing consultancy through to on larger projects providing a consultant on-site.

Our Values

We believe firmly believe “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, thus we partner with our clients to help them create a culture of success while also removing much of the HSQE workload from their already hectic schedules.

Thus it is important to us that we assist to provide;

Positive leadership in all aspects of what we do

An environment that encourages your workforce to take ownership of the Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental goals of you and your organisation no matter how big or how small.

A safe place to work and a culture of openness where never harm is an achievable goal

We will utilise measures below to help create a postivie culture with our clients:

  • Comply with health, safety and environmental legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements
  • Maintain our management systems and certifications to OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Minimise waste in design, construction and use on your project/within your organisation.
  • Minimise fuel, energy and water use on your project/within your organisation.
  • Design to protect wildlife and habitats, archaeological remains and heritage buildings.
  • Seek innovative and cost-effective business solutions for our clients.
  • Regularly measure and review the effectiveness of our safety, health, safety, environmental, sustainability and quality performance within projects/organisations.
  • Regularly set objectives and targets to achieve continual improvement
  • Measure the culture of the business using a maturity tool that is accepted in the industry as giving an accurate reflection of the safety culture within the clients’ company if requested.
  • Contribute to community improvement and charitable projects.